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23rd Saulieu Festival



Each August, for the past 22 years, thousands of people attracted by Cajun and Zydeco music will gather in the small town of Saulieu (Burgundy, France) to share great moments of music, dance, cinema and gastronomy at the Saulieu Cajun & Zydeco Music, Film and Food Festival. In 2016, the Festival will celebrate its 23rd anniversary, a good occasion for having great times and great bands !
The guest band from Louisiana this year will be RUSTY METOYER & THE ZYDECO KRUSH.rusty-16 First time in France for this young band who have quickly become The Big Thing in Louisiana these last months. Not to be missed !
Also, 5 excellent bands from this side of the ocean will make people dance throughout the weekend. They are BAL DE MAISON, BLUE BAYOU, PRAIRIE RONDE, BELISAIRE and TON TON GRIS GRIS.
An open stage will be available every afternoon (13:00 - 14:00) at the Covered Market. Next guest stars of the Festival, get started !
The 16th edition of the Saulieu Louisiana Film, mastered by filmmaker  Jean-Pierre Bruneau, will be presenting film projects of music, history and culture of South Louisiana on Thursday 4 August (17:00 - 19:00 and 20:00 - 24:00)
Also and again, an extensive training course of C/Z dance and instruments will be held on Saturday 6th. Instructors are Sylviane Jean and Bernard Guihard, Marilyn and Yann Manac'h (dance), Vincent Giarrusso (fiddle), Gilles Kusmeruck (accordion) and Agnes Benar (‘Ti fer and frottoir).
Registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
As for gastronomy, Lafayette famous Chef Michael Richard will cook Cajun meals every evening at Espace Jean Bertin. Come and check the “Savoir Faire” of one of the most renowned Chef of the Cajun Country.

We’ll also have a Farewell Sunday Gras Party on Sunday evening at Espace Jean Bertin (20:00 - 02:00). This will be a Mardi-Gras like party : bring your beads, masks and colours !





Cinema Festival 2016

Thursday 4 August

16th Louisiana Cinema Night
Cinema l’Etoile, 20 rue de la Halle au Blé
By French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bruneau
17:00 (5€)
-Southern Comfort (Walter Hill, 1981), with Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Peter Coyote.

20:30 (5€)
-The Whole Gritty City  (Richard Barber, 2013)

-A Cajun & Creole House Party (Jason Rhein, 2016)

-Clifton Chenier (Carl Colby, 1977)


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